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Horse Terms - (not complete)

Action - the way a horse moves.
Aged - an older horse usuallu over 18
Agistment - what is paid for keeping your horse on someones land.
Aids -
Barren mare -

Bit - the metal, plastic or rubber item put into a horses mouth for control.

Blemish -
Blinkers -
Box - a shed built for a horse to live in, can be indoors or outdoors
Break-in - the action of teaching a horse to be ridden.

Bridle - the item put onto a horses head for control.
Brood mare - a mare used for breeding purposes

Buck - the action of a horse throwing the back legs into the air.
Castrate - to Geld or remove the male horses testicles.
Colt - en entire young male horse
Crib biting -

Curb Chain -

Curb Reign -
Dam - a horses mother

Diagonal -
Dry mare -

Double Bridle - a bridle that consists of 2 bits and headpieces.
Empty mare -
Entire - a male horse that has not been gelded
Equine - the technical name for a horse
Equitation - the act of riding a horse in style
Farrier - a person who trims horses feet and do shoes
Filly -
Float - the act of moving a horse on a trailer, or the trailor used
Foal - a horse under a year old
Galloway - a horse between 14-15hh
Gait - movments the horse makes (walk, trot, tolt, pace, canter, gallop)
Gear - the items used for riding or driving a horse
Gelding - a male horse that has been castrated.
Girth Gall -
Green - a horse with limited experience
Hack - a horse over 16hh
Hands (hh) - the measurements used to tell a horses height
Harness - the gear used to drive a horse

Hog - to cut off a horses mane.
Hood - a type of clothing that goes over a horses head
In work - a horse thats riden 5 or more times a week
Irons -
Lead  - the act of leading a horse with a rope, or the rope thats used.

Leathurs -

Loose Box - a shed built for a horse to live in, usually outdoors
Lunge  - to attach a rope to a horse and get them to cirle you.

Mane - the hair that grows from a horses neck
Maiden - a female horses whos having her first foal
Mare - a female horse
Mount - to get up on a horses back
Mouth - to get a horse use to wearing a bit in their mouth
Muck out - to clean a horses stable

Nip - when a horses trys to bite

Pig Route - the action of a horse throwing the back legs into the air.
Points -
Pony - a horse that is under 14hh
Progeny - a horses offspring, or their babies

Reign -
Rear - the action of a horse raising its front legs and standing on the rear.
Rig - a male horse thats not fully gelded.
Rising - the horses next age (rising 4, will be 4 next august)

Saddle - the item put on a horses back for riding
Saddle sores - sores on a horses back from poorly fitted saddles.
Sire - a horses father

Shoe - the act of nailing metal horse shoes to a horses feet.
Shy -
Spell -

Stable - a shed built for a horse to live in, can be indoors or outdoors
Stallion - an entire male horse

Stirrups -
Strike -
Stud - a term for a place that breeds horses, or for an entire male horse
Tack - used for horse riding (refers to saddle, bridle etc)

Tail - the hair that grows from the back end of the horse
Unbroken - a horse that is not trained for saddle
Weanling - a young horse thats just been taken from its mother
Weaving -
Wet mare -
Windsucking -
Yearling - a horse that is about a year old.