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Basic Horse Health

Temperature - Average 37-38 C but up to 40 C in a horse at rest.

                      - weather can affect the reading by up to 1 C

                      - Exercise, stress, or excitement will raise temperature

                      - respiratory colds and infected cuts can generate temperatures 39-40C

                      - Viral infections cause temperatures under 37 or upto 41-42C.


Breathing Rate - Average rate of a mature horse at rest is 8-15 breaths per minute.

                         - This will increases with hot or humid weather, exercise, fever or pain


Heart Rate -  Average Horse resting rate of 38-40 bpm (beats per minute)

                   -  Foals average 70-120 bpm and 2 year olds 40-50 bpm

                   -  Maximum heart rates can be over 180 bpm when exercising.

                   -  Rates staying over 60 bpm in a resting horse can be a sign of trouble.

                   - Rates over 80 bpm in horses at rest can be cause for alarm.